JCV-2 Mobile Hard Stone Crusher Plant Installed in Burkina Faso

We proudly announce the installation of the cutting-edge JCV-2 Mobile Hard Stone Crusher Plant in Burkina Faso. This state-of-the-art machinery, renowned for its robust design and unparalleled efficiency, is set to significantly enhance the nation's construction capabilities.


The JCV-2 plant is ingeniously constructed on three distinct chassis, each serving a pivotal role in the stone crushing process. The first chassis introduces the CJC-110 Jaw Crusher, boasting a remarkable production capacity of 150-420 tons per hour. This powerhouse is complemented by the second chassis, which houses the METSO HP200 cone crusher, a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the crushing industry. The final piece of this technological marvel is the third chassis, equipped with a vertical shaft impact crusher, ensuring an impressive output of 190-250 tons per hour.


This multi-faceted plant exemplifies the latest in crushing technology, promising to expedite construction projects across Burkina Faso. Its mobile nature allows for unparalleled flexibility, bringing high-capacity stone crushing to wherever it's needed most. With the JCV-2, Burkina Faso is poised to leap forward in its infrastructure development, showcasing its commitment to progress and innovation.

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