Concrete Batching Plants
CONSTMACH is the leader concrete batching plant manufacturing company of Turkey. Stationary, mobile, compact and site type concrete plants, concrete mixers, cement silos and concrete block machines are the main concrete equipment manufactured by CONSTMACH.

CONSTMACH is the leader concrete batching plant manufacturing company of Turkey. Stationary, mobile, compact and site type concrete plants, concrete mixers, cement silos and concrete block machines are the main concrete equipment manufactured by CONSTMACH. Different types and sizes of concrete mixing plants from 15 to 300 m3/h capacity are manufactured, transported and installed by our company. You can see more than 300 working concrete plants of CONSTMACH in more than 85 countries and 6 continents of the world.

CONSTMACH concrete batching plants are classified as stationary (fix), mobile (portable) and compact (skip) types. The highest production capacity can be achieved by using our stationary types of plants. Stationary concrete batching plants are right solutions for long-term projects which are planned to be applied on a dedicated jobsite. Capacity of our fix type concrete plants are classified as 60, 100, 120, 160, 200 and 240 m3/h. As per customer needs and capacity requirements, two sets of mixers can be used at the same time in one concrete plant. You can check DoubleMix 100 and DoubleMix 160 to see these kinds of applications.

Production capacity of CONSTMACH mobile concrete plants changes from 30 to 120 m3/h capacity. 30, 60 and 100 m3/h capacity mobile plants have only one trailer (chassis), Mobile 120 model consists of double trailers. In case of need, built-in type cement silo can be located to the chassis of a mobile plant. Our mobile concrete plants can be equipped with also aggregates feeding systems to avoid construction of a loading ramp and thus infrastructure cost is minimized.

By using CONSTMACH Compact type concrete plants, it is possible to produce concrete even in very limited jobsites. CONSTMACH compact type concrete batching plants are equipped with skip hoist systems in order to have a space saving in jobsites with limited sizes. Production capacity of our Compact type concrete plants differs from 20 to 100 m3/h. Twin shaft mixers, single shaft mixers, planetary mixers and pan mixers are the mixer types that are used in our concrete batching plants according to production capacity of the plants.

CONSTMACH concrete batching plants are equipped with high technology control systems that include Premium quality, made in Europe, SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER brands electronic components and PLC. The whole system is controlled through an advanced software which has sophisticated features and user friendly interface.

CONSTMACH concrete mixing plants are equipped with different sizes of cement silos according to production capacity and application purpose. From 30 to 1.000 tonnes capacity cement silos can be used in our plants. Cement silos up to 50 tonnes capacity are manufactured as bolted and welded type. Silos have capacity above 50 tonnes are preferred as bolted type for easy transport. CONSTMACH cement silos are equipped with air filter against dust, pressure relief (safety) valve, level indicators, butterfly valves and air nozzles.

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