Constmach Fixed Concrete Plant

Production capacity of our stationary type concrete batching plants are classified as 60, 100, 120, 160, 200 and 240 m3/h. As per customer needs and capacity requirements, two sets of mixers can be used at the same time in one concrete plant. You can check DoubleMix 100 and DoubleMix 160 to see these kinds of applications.

Twin shaft mixers, single shaft mixers, planetary mixers and pan mixers are the mixer types that are used in our stationary (fix) type concrete mixing plants according to the desired concrete type to be produced.

CONSTMACH stationary concrete batching plants are equipped with high technology control systems that include premium quality and made in Europe, SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER brands electronic components and PLC modulus. All units of the plant are controlled through an advanced software which has sophisticated features and user friendly interface. For urgent cases, manual control panel is also present.

CONSTMACH stationary type concrete mixing plants are equipped with different sizes of cement silos according to production capacity and application purposes. From 30 to 1.000 tonnes capacity cement silos can be used in our fix type concrete plants. Cement silos up to 50 tonnes capacity are manufactured as bolted and welded type. Silos have capacity above 50 tonnes are preferred as bolted type for easy transport. CONSTMACH cement silos are equipped with air filter against dust, pressure relief (safety) valve, level indicators, butterfly valves and air nozzles.

Our company knows very well that the climate conditions have major affects on the quality of concrete. While STATIONARY concrete batching plants in cold-climate regions such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Northern Europe etc. are being heated by hot vapor generators and insulated panels, the concrete water to be used in concrete plants in hot-regions such as middle east, GCC or Africa countries is cooled by chillers.

Aggregate pre-feeding systems are our alternative solutions to the loading ramps which are necessary for charging the hoppers by loaders. In case of using aggregate pre-feeding systems, requirement of loading ramp is removed.

Different Layouts and site plans for STATIONARY concrete plants are applied according to the conditions of the area where the concrete plant is to be installed.