Constmach Mobile Hard Stone Crushers

Mobile hard stone crusher is a perfect solution for crushing very hard rocks with high abrasiveness and Silica (SiO2) ratio such as granite, basalt, gabbro etc.

It is also possible to crush any other stones such as limestone, riverstone, dolomite . Presence of primary jaw crusher enables to crush big and hard rocks. On the other hand, thanks to the secondary cone crusher it is possible to make the second stage crushing of the hardest materials.

CJC-60, CJC-90 and CJC-110 are the primary jaw crusher models which are present on JC-1, JC-2 and JC-3 respectively. Difference of JCV series crusher between JC series is the presence of VSI crusher as a third stage crusher. It is obvious that to have better cubical shape of final products is the advantage of JCV series mobile crushers thanks to the presence of VSI in the system.

Like in all other CONSTMACH mobile crushers, feeding hopper, grizlly feeder, by-pass (soil) belt conveyor, feeding conveyor between jaw and cone crusher, vibrating screen (sieve), feedback and stockpile conveyors, wheeled mobile chassis, dust removing and control systems are the main elements of the plant.

In case needed, it is possible to locate a diesel electric generator to the chassis of the plant.

While JC-1 is produced as a single trailer, JC-2 and JC-3 are the combination of double trailers. On the 1st trailer, feeding hopper jaw crusher and feeding and by-pass conveyors are present. Second trailer includes the cone, vibrating screen, feeding, feedback and final material stock conveyors. Dust removing system is present on both chassis. On the other hand, all JCV series crushers have 3 different trailers. In other words, “JCV” series are combination of “JC” series mobile hard Stone crushers and “V” series mobile sand making plants. VSI 700 CR, VSI 800 CR, VSI 900 CR crushers are present in JCV-1, JCV-2 and JCV-3 respectively.

Generally, there are 3 different stockpile conveyors in all models. In some cases, for sure as per clients’ needs, it is possible to add one more deck to screen and a stock conveyor. Thus 4th fraction is produced as well.

Thanks to the high tech automation system with tablet control and easy mobility with convenience to international traffic regulations, it is always operate and transport CONSTMACH Mobile hard Stone crushers.