Stationary Screening & Washing Plant

CONSTMACH Screening & Washing plants are used for natural screening and washing of sands and gravels. Plants with different layouts can be designed according to production capacity, quantity of requested final materials and type of washer.

CONSTMACH Screening & Washing plants is combination of:

      • Feeding Hopper with vibrating feeder
      • Vibrating Screen with washing nozzles
      • Feeding Conveyor from feeding hopper to vibrating screen
      • Sand Washing Machine: Washing Screw, Wheel Washer or Hydrocyclone
      • Stockpile Conveyors
      • Control Cabinet
      • Automation System with PLC

As per our customers' needs and demands different types of washer can be used. It is possible also to use the different washers in the same configuration.

CONSTMACH Screening & Washing plants are equipped with high-tech automation system including top class SIEMENS – SCHNEIDER brand electronic components and PLC.

Technical specifications and main configuration of our washing plants changes according to:

- Production capacity
- Quantity and size of final fractions after screening
- Type of washer to be used.

Stationary Screening & Washing Plant Technical Specifications
Production Capacity Changes from 100 to 250 tph
Maximum Feeding Size 200 mm
Feeding Height 4.5 meters
Main Configuration Feeding Hopper + Vibrating Screen witd washer + Screw Washer / Wheel Washer / Hydrocyclone + Conveyors
Total Motor Power Differs according to production capacity
Electric Generator Requirement Differs according to production capacity
Weight of tde plant Differs according to production capacity
Our shipping friendly conveyors minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and 40 ft OT containers.
Stationary Screening & Washing Plant Video
Stationary Screening & Washing Plant General Layout

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