Vibrating Feeders

CONSTMACH Vibrating FeedersBunkers which are used to feed the crushers in our stone crushing lines .Vibrating Feeders are placed before main crushers, primary impact crushers or jaw crushers to get the desired size and to reduce the costs of intermediary crushers, to increase the capacity of the facility, to achieve continuity in the plants and to enhance a homogenous distribution. To mention some advantages of these bunkers; sudden ejections and waiting times occur at main crushers, during this time the conveyors and screens are overloaded with instant loadings.

These reasons lead to difficulties in crushing the material in impact crushers, sand machines, conical crushers and vertical shaft crushers and it may lead even to thermal blow. Further, due to these sudden overloads, the hammers and other wearable parts of the machine are affected and the flowing material sums itself. Therefore the wearable parts generate an efficiency loss of up to 60% and increase the maintenance costs. This is not all. The wearable parts are not only the inner parts of the machine. More problems than expected occur due to irregular crushing techniques in the conveyor belt and equipment, additionally, belt ruptures, abrasion at one side of the rollers, bearing ruptures, drum shaft ruptures and others.

While these problems are present it is impossible to achieve the desired efficiency by a non-standard screening. Therefore, feeders and intermediary bunkers are used to eliminate this fluctuation, to achieve quality, reduce maintenance costs and to increase service life of the machine and equipment.

  • Smooth vibrating,
  • Reliable operation
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for feeding
Vibrating Feeders Technical Specifications
MODEL Body Size (mm) Grizzly Length (mm) Motor Power (kW) Bunker Volume (m³) Capacity (ton/hour) Weight (kg)
CPG - 09 2.500 x 520 mm 820 mm 2 x 3 kW 8 - 10 - 15 80 - 100 t/h 8.000 kg
CPG - 10 3.000 x 850 mm 1.160 mm 2 x 4.5 kW 10 - 15 - 20 150 - 200 t/h 12.000 kg
CPG - 11 4.600 x 1.100 mm 1.400 mm 2 x 9.2 kW 15 - 20 - 30 200 - 300 t/h 18.000 kg
CPG - 13 4.880 x 1.370 mm 1.840 mm 2 x 11 kW 30 - 45 - 50 350 - 500 t/h 26.000 kg
Our shipping friendly vibrating feeders minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and containers.
Vibrating Feeders General Layout

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