Jaw Crushers

CONSTMACH JAW CRUSHERS are designed to be able to handle initial crushing process of any type of material from the softest limestone to the hardest granite. CONSTMACH Jaw Crushers are used as the first stage crushers in our stationary and mobile type crushing plants.

High flywheel speeds, jaw angles, safety plates and rear blocks, high performances arised from special geometries, reliability, strength and user friendly setting mechanisms of our Jaw Crushers offer excellent operational advantages to the users. All our Jaw Crushers are equipped with hydraulic setting mechanisms. The hydraulic setting mechanism enables to set the jaw gap according to the requested final product fraction size.

  • Heavy-duty base frame is submerged, arc-welded, thenthermally stress relieved.
  • Oversized, heavy-duty spherical, self-aligning roller bearings.
  • Pitmans of our Jaw Crushers are able to absorbe the heaviest loads thanks to its drop-forged chrome-nickel steel casting material.
  • In case of need, CONSTMACH Jaw Crushers are equipped with automatic lubrication systems.
  • Large flywheels to ensure the inertia is maintained tocrush even the hardest materials.

You can see technical specifications, technical drawing, main dimensions and transport type of our primary jaw crushers by clicking the related tabs and demand quotation by clicking REQUEST OFFER tabs.

Jaw Crushers Technical Specifications
Jaw Opening Sizes (mm)
Motor Power (kW)
Flywheel Speed (rpm)
Weight (kg)
Adjust min./max. (mm)
Production Capacity (t/h)
CJC-60 600 x 380 mm 30 kW 340 6.000 kg 30 - 100 mm 60 - 110 t/h
CJC-90 900 x 650 mm 75 kW 330 11.400 kg 50 - 150 mm 90 - 270 t/h
CJC-110 1.100 x 850 mm 132 kW 230 33.000 kg 60 - 200 mm 150 - 420 t/h
CJC-130 1.300 x 1.000 mm 160 kW 220 42.500 kg 100 - 280 mm 275 - 790 t/h
CJC-140 1.400 x 1.100 mm 200 kW 220 52.000 kg 120 - 280 mm 420 - 850 t/h
Our shipping friendly jaw crushers minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and 40 ft OT or flat rack containers.
Jaw Crushers General Layout

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