BS 20 is a hydraulic system, automatic, PLC controlling machine which also includes concrete batching plant has a pressure bar between 100-160 bars. BS 20 is a machine which produces 20 interlocks in one pres and 8 units 20x40x20 blocks. Packing of the dried products which are ready to be picked up can be made automatically by automatic picking robot also.

  • A + (A Plus) energy saving products
  • EFF3 class electric motors
  • Free spare parts with machine
  • 2 + 2 total of 4 years warranty
  • ISO 9001: 2008 total quality management system of conformity
  • CE declaration of European standards
  • Trained staff and "HL" product models
  • Fast service, spare parts guarantee
  • Appropriate material usage in the norms of DIN and TSEK standards
  • 7/24 accessibility
  • Easy usable program selection
  • Auto/Manuel Choice
  • Authorization certificate at the end of training period
  • Stop, standby and continue production from the point where was left.
  • Forklift usage option
  • Troubleshooting over the internet option
  • Compliance with low-voltage directive
  • Using raw materials of safe brands

BS-20 is designed to fulfill the demands of medium business entrepreneurs in concrete block making industry. With its minimum first investment cost and scalable structure, BS-20 is the ideal solution for the investors who are seeking to increase the overall quality of concrete products and to minimize manufacturing costs. PLC automation software, which is developed by CONSTMACH R&D engineers, has proven its quality and reliability in manufacturing plants of many local and foreign enterprises.

The whole plant operates automatic so production quality for each cycle and production capacity for each working shift are maintained and stabilized. Automation system also makes it possible to operate the plant in various speeds. A mimic control panel indicates all units of the plant on a graphical diagram so using the control panel became easy and practical. The operator can switch to manual operation anytime. Failure detection is also fast and easy with the mimic control panel.

BS-20 Technical Specifications


Production Capacity 100 - 110 Pallet per Hour 
Pallet Size 1.000 x 9.400 x 230 mm
Control PLC Automation System (Schneider)
Hopper Capacity 1.2 m³
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 400 lt
Upper Vibration 3 kW x 2
Lower Vibration 4 kW x 4
Total Electricty Capacity 150 kW
Total Vibration Force 30.000
Maximum Product Height 3.000 mm
Maximum Product Weight 600 mm
Machine Chassis Frame 10 mm
System of Vibration Classic Belt and Pulley Vibration
Estimated Production Capacity in 8 Hours

20 x 40 x 20 Block – 8.000 pieces

Interlock – 18.000 pieces
Pressing Amount Per Press

20 x 40 x 20 Block– 8 pieces

Interlock – 20 pieces


Stacking Layer 5 - 7 Row
Cleaning Brush Present
Back Dry Product Hydraulic Driver


Pallet Size 1.400 x 1.150 x 45 mm
Square Steel Thickness 4 mm
Leg Thickness 3,5 mm


Pump Power 7,5 kW, 40 lt/min
Profile Propulsion Power 3 kW, 150 rpm
Rotational Power 1,1 kW, 22 rpm
Chassis 100 x 150 x 5
Shipping friendly equipments of our concrete block plants minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and containers.
BS-20 Video
BS-20 General Layout

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